Think about the layout of your garage and where things will go.

Designing your garage may seem straight's a garage. But there are a few things you want to think about as you begin the process. Look at how your garage will flow with the line of the house, you want to enhance not diminish the curb appeal. Should it be a gable or straight line front? How many windows and where will you put them? You may want to take advantage of light but you also don't want to lose wall space or give too much access to prying eyes. Door(s) will also be a small factor, how will your entry doors' position affect storage space and pathway? Designing a really great garage means thinking about the finished product, what will you use it for?  Most importantly and often overlooked are the custom garage space organizers. These are handy, useful and, if done correctly, astetically pleasing additions to your garage HOWEVER, your interior layout must take into account the space required to accomodate these additions. Pick out your garage organazational package and do a layout before you build your garage. 

If you take just a little time to think about a few design issues before your garage is built, you will be a lot happier with your garage after it's built.

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