Making a plan for your garage is fairly straight forward, after's a garage.

Although we take a lot of the planning off your plate when it comes to structure, there are a few things you want to think about as you begin the process. Look at where you plan to put your garage, think about ceiling height and if you'll want to store lawn equipment in it. Then think about insulation, will this be a working garage that will need to be heated?

Another thing to consider is ground level. It's amazing how a spot can look level but when you actually check it out it could be as much as two feet out of level before your can tell with the naked eye. This is important as it could add "off-level" site charges you were not expecting.

One key componet that seems to always come up....How big of a garage do I need? Here's the simple answer, what ever you think you will want more. We will help you plan the location and position of your garage when you have your on-site consultation.

If you take just a little time to plan before your garage is built, you will probably be a lot happier with your garage after it's built.

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