What to Expect?

Be prepared for the unexpected. If Murphy's law has taught us anything, it's that...

Who knows what can happen on any construction job. What you can always expect is to run into the unknown. It can come in many forms, frozen ground that shouldn't be if you try to start too early in the Spring or maybe solid rock when we start to clear ground for your garage. There may be underground cable or wiring. All these things can cause delays, and in some cases additional cost.

We don't want to alarm you or cause you any unneccesary anxiety, if we've done our job right all of these issues should have been discovered in our on-site consultation and in most cases, nothing like this ever comes up. We just ask that you keep in mind that things can come up that may cause delays in your construction. We will always do our best to hit the target date as closely as possible and with as few delays as possible.

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