The simple answer is yes, we can attach your new garage to your existing home. You must understand and take into consideration all the positives and negatives of attaching your new garage. Also keep in mind the added time and costs involved. During the planning and consultation you will want to ask this question and allow 30% addition in cost.

Unfortunatly we do not assemble "kits" or packages. Typically the box stores deal in bulk orders for cost purposes, this allows for high probability of poor quality matirials. Due to those inconsistancies in manufacturing and lower quality standards than our own, we have determined ourselves to avoid kit assembly garages.

Absolutely, you can add as many doors and windows as you like, even a "mini" garage door off the back or side for easy access to lawn and garden equipment. This is YOUR garage, we want you to be happy with its look, style and functionality. Add-0n pricing indexes are listed at the bottom of each garages style page. Non-typical prices can be determined during your consultation.

Unfortunatly due to high demands for our custom-built garages we have elected not to do any add-on or garage remodels. A call to your local contractor supply house should yield a few quality referrals.

As always the weather in the Black Hills and surrounding areas can be unpredictable, however, in most cases we can complete construction on your new garage in six days or less. As well, terrain and any additional ground work can also extend the construction.

Go to our "Prices" page and look for the includes and excludes in the pricing structure.

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