When garages first came on the scene in the 1910's they were an afterthought. A small detached shed in back of the home just large enough to fit the small cars people had only begun to learn to drive. American Garages is born...

In 1941, Lee Smith siezes an opportunity to start his own business. As the popularity of the automoble grew, so did the need for a place to store them. In 1941, 90% of all homes had no garage; some people had built a garage out back but it wasn't really much more than just a shack, big enough to fit the small cars of the time. He knew that the automobile would become even more important and so would the need for adequate storage. American Garages was born, a company that would build your family a quality garage that would last. As cars got bigger, so did garages, and rightly so. American Garages adapted and expanded filling the needs of American drivers to house their vehicles. 


Eventually, someone came up with the idea of an attached garage so you wouldn’t have to walk in the rain to get to your house after parking. Another great idea...!

American Garages expands into Minnesota in the 1960's and Gerald Smith, son of the founder, takes over.  By the mid 1960's, most homes were being constructed with a single car garage attached to the home. As our country’s wealth grew, so did our consumption of automobiles until we reached the 1970's when two-car households started becoming the norm rather than the exception. And so, American Garages once again saw the need for larger detached garages so they adapted and grew to accommodate the needs of the American driver.

American Garages expands to the Black Hills of South Dakota...

In 1987, American Garages owner, Gerald Smith, moves to Rapid City, SD to expand his American Garages company with his nephew, Joel Boylan. For four years they worked together building garages all over the region, solidifying the company's reputation of quality garages at a price you can afford. In the early 1990's, Joel Boylan takes over as owner, allowing his uncle to return to Northern Minnesota to continue building garages, until his retirement in 2010.

In 1991, Joel Boylan becomes the South Dakota American Garages owner. Based in Rapid City, SD Joel continues the tradition of excellence though quality and affordability at American Garages. 

By the mid 1990's, outdoor activities started becoming more important, fishing and pleasure boating as well as ATV's and campers explode in popularity. As the equipment became more sophisticated and expensive, so did the desire for more adiquate storage and more importantly room to work on one's equipment.

American Garages, once again, saw the need for larger detached shop garages. They adapted, and designed their shop garages to accommodate the needs of the American sports enthusiest.

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