One Stall Garage

When space is limited by land or permits, the one stall garage may be the perfect answer. Car, boat, toys or lawn equipment, a one stall garage is just the ticket.

Two Stall Garage

The two stall garage is the most popular of all the garages. It's space and cost effectiveness make it ideal for additional family vehicles, boats and toys or lawn equipment.

Three Stall Garage

The three stall garage is functional and spacious. When size constraints are not an issue, the three stall garage and three stall shop garage are perfect. Whether you need it for extra vehicle or boat storage or as a workshop, you won't be dissapointed in the results.

This three stall custom garage is 24'X48' featuring two steel insulated walk-in doors for easy access to the garage.  Also, two ranch-style windows in the work area take advantage of natural lighting.  Custom garages vary by customer.  If you are interested in a custom garage that is outside the sizes listed on our web site, please call for a personal quote.


Features include:

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